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Electronic Document Management

Securely Manage and Organize your Reports and Documents
with a Virtual File Cabinet - onHAND™.

Reduce the time and money you spend managing your business reports and important documents.  Classify, index, organize and store thousands of documents, reports, forms and data in their native PC file formats like PDF, Excel, HTML and Word. 

onHAND is a business report and document filing solution that automatically files and secures your reports and documents as they are published.

onHAND - a virtual file cabinet
Complete Content Management 

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Third Party Articles   
 InformationWeek Article:
'Appetite For Destruction'
 InformationWeek Article - Appetite For Destruction
Go Paperless! and Think Green $$$
onHAND, byREQUEST® and transFORMTM make up our epaper FOR BUSINESS® 'green' suite.
  • Eliminate Paper Filing Cabinets with onHAND.
  • Replace Paper Reports with byREQUEST®.
  • Replace Paper Forms with transFORMTM.




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