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byREQUEST® is an automated report publisher and file mover designed to interface with and provide electronic distribution from any of your Enterprise-level computers (see compatibility).  Benefits and features:
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Product Summary Sheets
Download and share product summary sheets with other data, network and system administrators:  byREQUEST Datasheet (PDF), byREQUEST Information sheet (PDF) and byREQUEST Product Overview (PDF).

In a single step, report files, data files, and business forms can be securely selected, formatted and distributed to one or more users in any variety of popular PC desktop files.  Create formatted files in PDF, WORD, EXCEL, HTML and more.  Use unlimited delivery options to distribute files to PCs, LANs, WANs, network folders, server archives and the Internet.  Files can also be emailed, faxed or printed.

Deployment in 4 easy steps!
View byREQUEST Deployment Architecture (PDF file) and learn how simple it is to implement this report distribution utility into your organization. 

Click to download byREQUEST Product Overview   Click to download byREQUEST Datasheet in PDF  Click to download byREQUEST Information Sheet             Click to download Enterprise Deployment datasheet in PDF  








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