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With onHAND_s.gif Everybody gets what they want…documents, forms, reports all easily and securely shared with the people who need them, when they need them and in the format they prefer…Excel is in Excel…WEB Portals…LAN Portals…so much more than just an electronic filing cabinet …. used by clients, customers, business partners, students, faculty, members, associates, and colleagues.

In a single step, byrequest_logo.gif distributes reports automatically to PCs, LANs and WANs or FAX or EMAIL them anywhere, arriving in formats users understand, such as WORD, EXCEL and PDFs. Securely posts to the web!

transform_logo.gif supports any electronic form that you create on a printer. transFORM recreates and automatically completes your Purchase Orders, Shipping Documents, Order Acknowledgements, or any other of your currently printed forms. More importantly, transFORM interprets email and fax addresses within your documents to automatically deliver forms through email or fax!

In one step, sheetmate_logo.gif can move all or selected parts of your HP3000 spool file reports, MPE files, IMAGE databases and COGNOS subfiles into popular PC formats. SHEETMATE allows you to make any HP3000 information immediately available to Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, dBase and WordPerfect.

The nightwatch_logo.gif Network Enterprise is a suite of software and hardware components designed to allow you to quickly build islands of failsafe notification around the most critical servers in your network.

monitors and protects your computer rooms and critical servers from changing environmental conditions such as temperature, power, humidity, and flood. Additional monitoring for intruders, generators, or smoke is possible. Alerts are delivered via Mobile Phone (SMS text), Pager, Email, Instant Messenger, Windows Broadcast, .WAV sound, message boards, etc.

onHAND™, byREQUEST®, transFORM , SHEETMATE, NIGHTWATCH®, RoomWatch™, are all products of Hillary Software, Inc.

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