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Finger Lakes Federal Credit Union has completely replaced ‘centralized’ UNIX host printing. Now their core SUMMIT business reports automatically arrive daily on each employee’s desktop in Excel, PDF, and Word formats.
Finger Lakes found the byREQUEST solution affordable, and a perfect fit with their new Fiserv-SUMMIT application.
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An Easy, Seamless Integration of DATATEL with byREQUEST® Saves Calvin College $80,000 Annually!
Calvin College, founded in 1876, is one of the largest Christian colleges in North America. Over 4,000 students are enrolled full-time at its Grand Rapids, Michigan campus. Recently, Calvin College was ranked by U.S. News and World Reports as the second-best college in the Midwest.
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EBMC is cutting out the paper at Internet speed
One of the greatest benefits offered to businesses using the Internet is the speed with which critical information can be gathered and subsequently shared among users. This assumes secure Web connections, of course. Before a company can take full advantage of the Web, its IT group has to grapple with complex internal processes and devise a paperless solution for data support and electronic distribution that is both efficient and flexible.
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Customer satisfaction at Meadows Credit Union has become less measured by a friendly teller, and more by the reliability of the connection between its back office systems and its online network. Meadows Credit Union needed to maintain its online banking and back office operations efficiently. This was achieved by automating system health checks throughout the enterprise.
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HP, Hillary Software prepare Smarte Carte for 2002 winter Olympics

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The Class Openings reports generated a quarter-million pages of paper each year, Bailey said. Administrators “tore out the two pages of the 50 each day they cared about and threw the rest away. I was looking to be little more environmentally conscious, an
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“byREQUEST is a totally awesome product. It’s the wealth of distribution options that make it so cool, as well as all of its native file format support.” “Hillary really did a fantastic job of thinking about the issues of paper delivery and solving virtua

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